• Großbildboden, der optische Metrologie-Ausrüstung des Komparator-VOC600 steht
  • Großbildboden, der optische Metrologie-Ausrüstung des Komparator-VOC600 steht
Großbildboden, der optische Metrologie-Ausrüstung des Komparator-VOC600 steht

Großbildboden, der optische Metrologie-Ausrüstung des Komparator-VOC600 steht


Herkunftsort: CHINA
Markenname: L&D
Zertifizierung: CE
Modellnummer: VOC600

Zahlung und Versand AGB:

Min Bestellmenge: 1-teilig
Preis: negotiation
Verpackung Informationen: Vacum u. freier Räucherungs-Sperrholz-Export
Zahlungsbedingungen: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Versorgungsmaterial-Fähigkeit: 50, 000PCS/Year
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NAME: Großbildprofil-Projektor Projiziertes Bild: Umgewandelt
Metalltabelle ′ Größe: 404*265mm Glastisch ′ s Größe: 270*170mm
Achse der Stadiums-Reise-X: 200mm Achse der Stadiums-Reise-Y: 100mm
Achse der Stadiums-Reise-Z: 50mm Entschließung: 0.5M
Messende Einheit: Errichtet in der linearen Skala Genauigkeit: 2.5+L/100
Ursprung: Dongguan HS-Code: 9031491000
Hafen: Shenzhen, China

Optische Ausrüstung der Metrologie-VOC600


50mm optische Metrologie-Ausrüstung




Großbildboden, der optische Metrologie-Ausrüstung des Komparator-VOC600 steht

VOC600 series large Floor standing Profile Projector are precise and excellent non-contact optical measuring instrument integrate with the technology of optic, mechanic, electricity and computer.
The Floor-standing model ¢ 600 Profile Projector is specially used to inspect the phone backlight, LCD, Gear, sealing strip for car, etc.

Features & Advantage
1. Floor-standing model Profile Projector using overhead illumination which allows a large, conveniently positioned screen so that projected images can be easily traced or compared with a template.
2. Digital readout protractor screen (including zero-setting, ABS/INC coordinate switching functions) for easy and error-free angle measurement.
3. The standard oblique surface illumination unit provides clear and bright images, allowing easy inspection of non-reflective work-pieces such as plastic parts or printed materials.
4. The optional optical edge detector eliminates human errors which may be involved in visual alignment, ensuring speedy, accurate, and consistent measurements, regardless of operator's skill.


Technical parameter

Model VOC 600-200*100
Projected image Inverted
Metal table' s size(mm) 404*265
Glass table' s size(mm) 270*170
Stage Travel X-axis 200mm
Stage Travel Y-axis 100mm
Stage Travel Z-axis 50mm(for focus)
Resolution 0.5µm
Measuring unit Built-in linear scales
Accuracy (2.5+L/100)µm
Screen Screen Diameter: 615mmwith 4 film clips
Screen material: fine ground glass
Reference line: Staggered cross and crosshair
Screen rotary range: 0° -360°
Rotary angle resolution: 1' or 0.01° (switchable)
Digital Readout DC-3000 Counter with RS232 output
1. Measure, preset and construct the graphic elements such as the point, line, circle, angle, distance, rectangle, thread and so on
2. Convenient axis-skew and coordinate shift
3. Quickly data getting by foot-switch and edge detector(option)
4. Print out user program, graphic elements and displayed three-axis coordinates.
5. Transfer current linear scale positions to PC by RS232.
6. Record the measuring steps and the measure the same word pieces in batch puantity
7. Various coordinates displaying ways: Polar, Cartesian, INC and ABS coordinates in Metric units or Imperial units.
8. Linear error correction and segmental linear error correction
9. Connect with linear scale or rotary encoder with Z-axis.
10. Store 100 permanent graphic elements and 10 temporary graphic elements
11. DC3000 metrology counter support English and Simplified Chinese display interface
Illumination Contour illumination: 24V/150W halogen bulb
• Optical system: Zoom Telecentric system
Oblique reflected illumination: 24V/150W halogen bulb (available with 50x lens and 100x lens)
Vertical reflected illumination: 24V/150W halogen bulb
• Light source: Halogen bulb (24V, 150W)
• Optical system: Vertical illumination
Focusing Manual focus
Power AC100-240V, single phase 50/60Hz, Total power 650W
Cooling Built-in cooling fans
Dimension 1200(mm)*1138(mm)*1938(mm)
G. W/N. W 590KG/360KG


Objective lens

Objective lens Magnification 5X 10X 20X 50X 100X
View field diameter 120 60 30 12 6
Working Distance(mm) 242.8 143.2 85.5 92 48.5
Max. workpiece height 50 50 50 50 48

Großbildboden, der optische Metrologie-Ausrüstung des Komparator-VOC600 steht 0

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